The Changing Public
Sector Environment

Change is constant. Nowhere is this adage more true than in the Public Sector.  Demands for improved customer service.  Demands for additional services.  Demands and requirements for information management, reporting, and sharing.  And, all the while, meeting these demands and requirements with decreased budgets.  Competing internal needs and priorities.  Decreased and/or limited resources. NexLevel assists state, county, city, and special districts by utilizing our broad experience, proven tools and methodologies, and in-depth expertise to listen effectively, plan accordingly, and deliver successfully to help organizations maximize the benefits of technology.    



arrowThe foundation of NexLevel is a team of experienced, high-caliber professionals guided by honesty, integrity, quality, and a commitment to client satisfaction. Our philosophy can be summed up in three simple words: Listen. Plan. Deliver.


02/17 – NexLevel will be a Silver Exhibitor at the CSMFO 2017 Annual Conference
(Feb. 7 – 10, Sacramento). In addition, NexLevel Principal, Terry Hackelman will
co-present a day long pre-conference session titled "What Every Finance Professional Should Know About Large Complex Technology Implementations"

01/17 – The City of Chino Hills has contracted with NexLevel for ERP Project Management and Implementation Support Services

01/17 – The City of Watsonville has selected NexLevel for their expertise and experience to conduct an IT Assessment and to assist in the development of the City’s IT Strategic Plan

01/17 – The City of San Ramon has contracted with NexLevel for software selection consulting services to assist them with selection and procurement of an ERP system

12/16 – NexLevel was selected by the City of Indio to conduct an ERP Assessment

11/16 – City of Half Moon Bay selects NexLevel to complete an ERP needs assessment and procurement

11/16 - City of Rancho Cordova contracts with NexLevel to provide a Business Application Roadmap

11/16 – City of Paso Robles contracts with NexLevel for project management assistance with their LMS implementation

10/16 - City of Anaheim contracts with NexLevel to provide project management and advisory services for implementation of new LMS

10/16 - As a MISAC Strategic Partner, NexLevel will have a booth at the Annual MISAC Conference in San Diego, CA beginning 10/9/16-10/12/16

09/16 - City of Alameda selects NexLevel to conduct an IT Assessment and prepare an IT Strategic Plan

08/16 - City of Galt hires NexLevel to provide IT services

08/16 - City of Manhattan Beach selects NexLevel to complete an ERP requirements analysis and procurement

08/16 - California Highway Patrol extends NexLevel's Senior Project Manager and Project Manager contract to March 1, 2018

08/16 - California Correctional Health Care Services contracts with NexLevel for an Electronic Healthcare Records System Project Manager

07/16 - Carson City hires NexLevel to complete an IT Assessment and prepare an IT Strategic Plan

06/16 - City of Anaheim contracts with NexLevel to conduct a Public Works Technology Roadmap

06/16 - County of Placer selects NexLevel to provide expertise and assist in the procurement of an ERP System

06/16 - City of Burbank hires NexLevel to conduct an IT Assessment

05/16 - City of Newport Beach hires NexLevel to provide expertise to aid in the selection of a new Enterprise Land Management, Planning and Permitting (LMS) System

04/16 - South Tahoe Public Utilities District selects NexLevel for their expertise to assist in the selection and procurement of an ERP System

03/16 - City of Rancho Palos Verdes selects NexLevel to perform an IT Assessment and prepare a five-year IT Strategic Plan


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