PlanIT – Project Portfolio Management


NexLevel's PlanIT is a web-based application that allows authorized end-users to manage and report on all the projects within an organization's portfolio. NexLevel developed PlanIT based on our experience in strategic planning and project management.

NexLevel designed PlanIT using the Microsoft product suite.  PlanIT utilizes ASP.NET for the user interface and an SQL database to provide a robust solution.  PlanIT can either run on customer provided hardware, or NexLevel can host the PlanIT application for customer access via the Internet.

At any time, authorized users can check on the details pertaining to an existing project, edit information pertaining to a project, add a new project, and/or produce various types of reports based on specific criteria.


PlanIT offers a number of features including:

  • User friendly GUI interface
  • Web-based (thin client) design
  • Ability to set up specific project criteria
  • Ability to search projects by specific criteria
  • Ability to print different report types in multiple formats
  • Customizable administrative options
  • Ability to provide a holistic view of projects across an enterprise
  • Ability to export data to HTML, MS Word, or MS Excel for reporting
  • Ability to track and report on numerous data elements for each project including:
    • Summary Information
    • Business Drivers
    • Objectives
    • Scope
    • Approach
    • Assumptions
    • Considerations
    • Quality Assurance
    • Issue Resolution
    • Change Management
    • Risk Management
    • Additional Comments
    • Schedule
    • Funding Information
    • Economic Analysis
    • Risk/Benefit Analysis
    • Resource Comments
    • Updates


PlanIT allows management and staff to:

  • Ensure alignment of projects with business objectives
  • Provide stronger governance
  • Maximize the value of investments
  • Improve communication among project stakeholders
  • Improve resource and risk management efforts
  • Rapidly update and maintain dynamic strategic plans
  • Identify conflicts and promote the development of contingencies


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