IT Governance

Industry studies completed by respected research firms suggest that almost 20% of all technology investment is wasted each year. When you factor in this wasted investment, along with annual technology expenditures, the importance of IT governance in managing and ensuring an adequate return on investment is significant.

IT governance is defined as the planning, communicating, managing, and coordinating of IT projects. NexLevel brings the experience, methods, and tools necessary to help agencies implement a formal IT Governance program that will effectively oversee and guide technology activities performed throughout the enterprise.

The scope and responsibilities of a formal IT Governance structure includes:

  • Maintaining and monitoring the IT Strategic Plan
  • Ensuring an agency’s strategic direction is aligned with changing business and operational needs
  • Prioritizing new projects for inclusion in the IT Strategic Plan
  • Reviewing progress on in-process technology projects and intiatives
  • Guiding technology policy
  • Encouraging effective collaboration and leveraging of technology investments

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